Online glass paint parties for FUN,  connection and comradery!

Create an awesome "glassterpiece!" We guide you every step of the way. Yes you can!

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Have friends over for a FUN night at home! 

Simply enjoy some well deserved "me" time.

Connect with others who love to paint, sip and chat.

Life is more exciting with glass painting FUN at home!

Feeling bored and uninspired? We've got you. Here at Drinkable Arts, we help you paint on glassware and bottles for a unique twist on creative FUN.  With Shannon's easy-to-follow step-by-step paint parties, you can create something FUN and festive while you relax with friends, or simply by yourself. And you will end each paint session with a cool glass project that is sure to liven up your drinkware or home decor.

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3 Simple Steps to Online Glass Painting FUN! 

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We provide a supply list with everything you need to join the paint party.

Have FUN!

Join the live online party on Facebook! Paint, sip and make new friends! Maybe even win a prize. 

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Post a picture of your party and/or "glassterpiece" on our Facebook page (Drinkable Arts @drinkableartspaintparties) and we'll enter you in our monthly drawing for prizes!

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